Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager is designed to help you complete maintenance tasks on a day or mileage schedule.

Maintenance Manager Features

MCLib - Library

MCLib is a set of libraries that was used with Maintenance Manager 2.X, Microwave Controller, and Linux Fax2Serve. Instead of writing code over and over, I used these libraries as well tested code in multiple programs. I have not worked on this library since 2005. This is here for historical purposes.

MCLib Features

MCLib3 - Library

MCLib3 is a set of libraries created to help build Maintenance Manager 3.X. The most important part is the Swing to SQL framework with security integrated into framework. The MCLib3 framework takes all the drudgery out of putting SQL glue code into your Java Swing applications. This library is under current and active development.

Related Projects

Both of the following projects are not currently being maintained, but both are interesting projects I worked on. The MCLib library has elements created because of both of these projects. No work has been done on these projects since 2003.

Other People’s Libraries and Applications I Use at Times

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